went to see robert yesterday...

so we (me and storee) went to see robert yesterday to get her butterfly tattoo touched up...

we left after hanging out for a couple hours...

yeah... i got another one...

its a horrible addiction...
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several things

I GOT A HAIR CUT TODAY! i freaking love it...

and i also freaking love my makeup today...

and these are my newest obsession. like.. its bad. edward cullen is the love of my liiiiife.

i believe that is all.
oh.. school is awwwesome!
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today totally sucked. everyone at school was in a bitchy fucking mood and all that jazz. and work was even worse. ugh. 

i've been so fucking tired lately that i haven't wanted to do anything. yet when i get home from work after being up for... 17 hours i get on the computer like a  total fucking genius. i should really just go to sleep. but watch that happen. i have a test tomorrow so i should also be studying, but my book is sitting on my bed. its a test on makeup. you say that shouldn't be too hard. but the damn chapter is 50 freaking pages long. boo kitty. but its ok, because I LOVE SCHOOL! and there's no sarcasm there at all. i really do. i love my school, and my class, and my new friends, and my teacher is pretty fucking awesome.

my car is a fucking disaster. I really need to clean it out. it has like a months worth of trash on the floor in the back seat. poor car. i think i'll clean her out on monday. that'd probably be a really good idea. and maybe a car wash as well. in the front yard with the hose. cause i'm fucking broooke. because work is fucking gay. and i hate it. and i'd like a new job please. that's be soooo great. 

off to bed then.
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so its been a damn minute since i've updated... nothing really exciting has been going on lately i guess... work and other junk. so hung out with with the ladies and kelly this evening.. we ended up at mac. which i didn't know until last week there was one in dillards at firewheel. but its ok, they've apparently only been there for like a month and a half. added two new eyeshadows to my plethora of mac eyeshadow... nocturnelle and hepcat. they're amazing.. and then there is this...


its the like most amazing stuff ever. its fluidline. its gel eyeliner and its beautiful. yay. i need to work at mac to get help with the obsession i have with it. 
mmk anyways i'm off to bed. 

countdown to vacation : 6 days!
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so i'm freaking obsessed with lil waynes new song. its like disturbing how much i like this song. its crazy. i have a weird obsession with lil wayne anyway, i don't know why. he's like, fucking ugly as crap. but so amusing. hm.

so i'm done and registered for school. HOLLA. i start july 8th. i'm pretty excited.

so on saturday we had the first ever SINGSTAR tournament. it was amazing. the prize was sweet. I made it.


yes its a sparkly god microphone. its awesome. Tasha won.  we're gonna have one each month. it was soooo fucking awesome. mmk. i'm done now. time for tuesday night dinner with tash and kim. 

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well.. its been a good month since i've updated. and thats awhile. 

its half way into march now... where the fuck has the year gone so far my friends.. where... no where really, i guess. so guess what i did yesterday... you ready??? i registered for school... yes i am a registered student. yep. yuuup. i'm freaking excited oh yes i am. its gonna be fun times. woo.

mmk, i don't have much else to say so. yep. laters 
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dear amber... you look like a giraffe

so amber is down in tx from oklahoma by way of san fran. its exciting. we went to dave and busters last night in a 2 day belated birthday celebration for her. it was lots of fun.

and here is a great picture of her... looking like a giraffe...


how that reminds me of a giraffe i don't know, but its amazing either way.
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